Useful Study Tips

The new year means the perfect opportunity to reflect on where we are, to think about where we’d like to go and to make plans for how to get there.

And for students who wish to make the most of their study and are targeting for entrance exams, this is true for particularly them. Which is why we’ve put together some study tips to help you get better by creating a strategy to reach those goals this year.

Tips that will Boost your Results

1. Set Realistic Goals

A lot of research suggests that setting goals affect people positively to achieve better results. If you wish to achieve something, it’s always better to plan ahead. Keep in mind that your goals need to be realistic. It’s better to divide your goal into several stages so that you can remain motivated each time you cross that milestone. Ask yourself if you’re ready to reach that target. And when you get your answer, start developing your study plan the whole year. Which, as it happens, leads us to Tip number 2!

2. Make a Study Plan

To know how precious time is, ask a student who did not study anything till the night before the exam. But before it’s too late, stop the cycle of cramming and think ahead when you still have time. This will help you get organized and you can utilize your time in better ways you knew. This will help you become more confident each time you enter exam and also you will notice your mental being uplifted. There’s an old saying ‘If you fail to prepare.. then be prepared to fail.

3. Don’t forget to recover

Don’t think of yourself as a machine. If you do not take proper rest, you will not be able to concentrate better. Change your routine of going from one book to other book and let your mind and body refresh. Take a walk, do some yoga,  gym, call a friend or just make yourself a cup of coffee. Short breaks will help you stay focused and you will be able to become more productive and sharp.

4. Become Tech Savvy

Studies are beyond paper-pen-books these days. Technology has personalized studies in ways than ever before. You can find tools to help you find answers to everything you can possibly imagine. Internet has opened new horizons for us to learn by bringing classrooms to your home. Education is much more personalised and user-centric these days with eBooks, social media, blogs mobile apps and videos. Physics.Live is a great place to start, even if we do say so ourselves!

5. Check Your Progress

Exams or tests have a certain different type of environment and it makes you forget half of things before you sit down and start. To make sure you stand up to the pressure, you must think ahead and start preparing. Test yourself from time to time. Check yourself if you still remember names, facts, formulas, dates etc. We develop tests and practice sheets with this fact in mind. Every time you finish an online lecture on, make sure you take some time to practice. Believe us, practice makes you better.

6. Don’t Neglect Your Health

Your body is like an engine and it runs on fuel, which is food that we eat. Just like and engine, the better we eat better we can perform. Its Time to Change your eating habits if you can’t stop cribbing about “not enough sleep” or “over eating”. Concentrate on a good diet as much as you concentrate on other things that are important to you. Dieting doesn’t not mean “stop eating”, It only means to “eat right”. 

7. Spread Positivity

We can give you crux of every self-help or motivational book out there without having you to waste so much time reading each of them, and that is “Be Positive”. Positivity will not only get you through toughest times in school and college easily but will also help you get along with life. Keep in mind that your thoughts become things. Physics SimplifiedIf you keep thinking about failing then expect the same, but if you stay positive and imagine yourself giving that victory speech… it will definitely become true. Its all about your attitude, and that’s the only difference between and achiever and a non-achiever. The reward centres in your brain show greater activity when you think positively thereby making you feel less anxious and more open to new ideas.

8. Study Partners

Each one of us have different strengths and weaknesses, which is why its always a good idea to have study partners. Select a couple of study partners who you get along well with and are good in studies. Sometimes studying with a good partner can help you to become much more competitive and confident.

9. Turn lessons into stories

We always remember stories, specially the ones that are either crazy or outlandishly ridiculous. It’s our basic human nature to do so. Why not use this productively and make lessons into stories? Make up something ridiculous and you will be surprised how you will remember important details and facts effortlessly.

10. Study Environment

As important it is to plan what to learn and when to learn, it is equally important to have a study environment. Distractions can surely help you stay awake but they won’t help you study either. Find a peaceful and quite place. Try a school library when you know your room won’t help. This is just an example, you can find a lot of places as per your convenience. Try different things and see the difference for yourself.

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