Live Classes

Physic.Live gives you freedom of studying online and everywhere. The main focus is on individual attention. In a classroom full of students it may not be possible to concentrate on each and everyone. Our latest student interaction interface ensures that every student gets the equal attention and understands the concepts.

It’s simple! Unlike the classroom, our interface enables us to interact with every student during the lectures. The software allows the student to virtually raise a hand and can talk back on our ‘two-way TalkBack feature’. To ensure the student has understood the concepts, it’s important to go thru a question answer round after every lecture. In a typical classroom, the question is answered by random/chosen student. But usually, the shy ones are reluctant and try to avoid the attention. With the help of online classes, every student can interact blissfully. It’s easier for us also to know which student needs more attention.

Our concept is not just to explore the online teaching possibilities, but to take it to the next level by putting thorough research in developing the tried and tested methods of teaching and incorporating those techniques to reach masses via latest technological breakthroughs. We as humans understand and learn by three methods.
  • By listening to lectures
  • By seeing things actually happen
  • By doing it practically with our own hands

To achieve the best results, we believe in combining all three methodologies and adding a whole lot of convenience, cost-effectiveness and time-saving techniques to give you the best technology has to offer. All this to make ‘Physics.Live’.