Over 16 Years of Experience

Teaching has always been my passion and I have always felt that education is the debt due from present to future generations. I believe that every child has unique individual traits and learning abilities. What he needs is a Guru, a ‘Dronacharaya’ who can share, rediscover with him the joy, excitement to unravel the mysteries of the world we live in.

A Guru who can Reboot, Reignite and Reinvent his inquisitiveness about his surroundings. There are basically three primary modes of imparting education. Generally, we understand things/concepts by listening to lectures, or by seeing things actually happen or by doing it practically with our own hands. Only by using a combination of all the three methodologies can the best results be delivered.

While imparting sound education is an ART in itself, we use the latest algorithms, scientific analysis, tools, and methodologies to enhance the performance of a student. Using a combination of mediums like PCs and Laptops with either windows or mac os, iPhones or androids, we are trying to bring out the best in each and every one of our students.

With only two number of chances allowed to clear IIT s, it becomes imperative for us to provide you with the best facilities. Hence when it comes to investment in equipment for teaching we believe in making no compromises.