Frequently Asked Questions


1-Physics.Live is an app or a website?
Physics.Live is a multiplatform application that works on practically all devices. But due to piracy issues in desktop interfaces, we’ve stopped desktop application temporarily until we resolve the issue.

2-What if I miss my live lecture?
Although has the convenience to study at home or wherever you might be. Still at times if you happen to skip a lecture, we post each lecture which can be accessed and replayed from your dashboard at any time that you may feel convenient.

3-What is the ideal data speed recommended?
We use state of the art video compressing and data server technology to ensure that you can stream live and/or recorded lectures at even the slowest of data limits. Our adaptive bandwidth probe (ABP), closely observes and identifies the data speed of your device and controls the quality of video to ensure that you get seamless stutter-free video and audio throughout the session.

4-Can I ask questions during live lectures just like a regular classroom?
Yes, there are many ways to ask questions.
A-You can simply press “raise your hand” to notify your teacher.
B-You can chat and type your questions from within your learning app.
C-You can talk to your teacher during the lecture video or audio chat also.

5-How is better than any other online institute?
You will see that there aren’t many apps in the market today and apart from having a video database to learn from most of them, unfortunately, do not have the Live lecture compatibility. Physics.Live supports not only live streaming of lectures to the palm of your hand or laptop but also lets you interact and participate while you learn.

6-Can I practice at my convenience?
Yes, Physics.Live has hours of practice material that you may use to practice whenever you may feel convenient. It’s a continuously ongoing process for our team to develop and add more questions and study material to our database.

7-What is the difference between a normal tuition and online classroom?
As per extensive research, our observations have evidently suggested that a student may learn more online as compared to a regular classroom. Our study explains how children may not even clear their doubts in a classroom full of students due to numerous reasons including shy nature, social anxiety issues, and psychological barriers. This inspired us to develop a platform where the focus is more on closely observing students and making sure that each and every topic is clear and easily understood by every student before proceeding to next concept. A regular tuition, on the other hand, may not give you so much of result oriented attention assurance as it has its physical boundaries whereas through online application we ensure that every student follows and understands each concept thoroughly.

8-Is this future proof?
As you may have read that JEE has also started conduction its exams online. This is a strong step forward by the most prominent establishment in the education sector that gives us a glimpse of the future that we are blissfully witnessing in present times, thanks to the advancement and exponential growth in internet reachability. The rise of telecom services and the battle between network giants have passed on all the benefits to end user, which also indicates and enables everyone to explore the endless possibilities of this platform.